It is said that a picture says a thousand words, that is also true when it comes to a logo design. A well crafted logo can be effectively used to create an impression on the minds of the public. Most logo designs express ideas and thoughts to people. A memorable logo is the best thing if you want to make sure that you have repeat clients.

You may be confused as to what kind of logo design would be most effective. It is possibly intuitive to consider that designs which are creative are more likely to catch the attention. But, that does not mean that it has to be elaborate. A simple design with an exclusive play of wordings can be extremely intriguing and aesthetic. Hence, our logo inspiration designs will surely help you to come up with something unique for your company.

Logo design samples for inspiration

A logo design can involve modification of words and creative arrangement that enhances the name of the company which it represents. Besides icons and symbols text based logos are also effective because it is clearly spelt out for easy recognition. One of the ideal ways of getting the right design is to take inspiration from other creative works.

We have compiled a list of Logo stock for you that will surely come in handy. With these designs you will be inspired to create something new that will definitely attract your target audience.
To make every designer’s life easier we decided to feature in our list some of the best logos from all around the world because we like to ensure that you are getting the best and freshest quality design inspirations from us.

Logo samples by category

Animal Logos

Building Logos

Food Logos

Letter Logos

Nature & Animals Logo – 1972

Auhtor: pixellogo

Nature & Animals Logo - 1972buy logo

Web Rehab IT Solutions Logo

Auhtor: adamlcasey

Web Rehab IT Solutions Logo for logo inspirationbuy logo

Business & Finance Logo – 3D-160

Auhtor: pixellogo

Business & Finance Logo - 3D-160 - Amazing logosbuy logo

Print & Design Logo – 3D-373

Auhtor: pixellogo

Print & Design Logo - 3D-373 - Logo samplebuy logo

HomeBuilder Logo

Auhtor: vnz75

HomeBuilder Logo - logo samplebuy logo

Brain Storm Logo

Auhtor: logoinc

Brain Storm Logo - logo design samplebuy logo

Idea Lab

Auhtor: CodeID

Idea Labbuy logo

Activities & Leisure Logo – 1830

Auhtor: pixellogo

Activities & Leisure Logo - 1830buy logo

Car Wash Logo Template

Auhtor: floringheorghe

Car Wash Logo Templatebuy logo

Concept Bird Trend Logotype

Auhtor: Shebam

Concept Bird Trend Logotypebuy logo

Anna Spa – Logo Template

Auhtor: deree

Anna Spa - Logo Templatebuy logo

Phone Pocket – Logo Template

Auhtor: deree

Phone Pocket - Logo Templatebuy logo

Rocket Design – Logo Template

Auhtor: mangustas

Rocket Design - Logo Templatebuy logo

Activities & Leisure Logo – 3D-254

Auhtor: pixellogo

Activities & Leisure Logo - 3D-254buy logo

Paper Bird

Auhtor: CodeID

Paper Birdbuy logo

mountain template

Auhtor: enio

mountain templatebuy logo


Auhtor: fixim

Newcloudbuy logo

Chicken Farm Logo Template

Auhtor: floringheorghe

Chicken Farm Logo Templatebuy logo

Welster Logo

Auhtor: Todik

Welster Logobuy logo

Power Gym Logo Template

Auhtor: floringheorghe

Power Gym Logo Templatebuy logo

Logo design samples for inspiration